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黄金 and White Challenge

Geneva’s Gold & White Program provides $4,000 over four years to students referred by alumni through the program. 去年, 154 students who were referred through the program applied to Geneva College and 98 students enrolled.

Geneva College President, Calvin L. 特鲁普, PhD, continues the Gold & White Challenge to encourage alumni referrals and student commitments. He set a new goal of 185 student referrals from alumni and 160 submitted applications to Geneva by May 1, 2023. Thank you to our alumni for making referrals that connect students to their alma mater!

黄金 & White Program

Please join us by referring a student you know. You can change the life of a young person you know just by sharing the value of a Geneva education!

Think about the young people in your life with whom you can share the impact that Geneva had on your life, and refer those students through the Gold & White program. 很容易. Just use the button below...

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

54  Current Progress: 54 Referrals / 38 Applications

Goal: 185 Referrals / 160 Applications by May 1

For each student enrollee, alumni referrers will receive a gift of appreciation from Geneva College. Past gifts have included an ESV Bible embossed with the Geneva College seal.

All incoming Gold & White students will receive an embossed Bible when they arrive at Geneva.

President Calvin L. 特鲁普

In 1965, Geneva College 'took a risk' by accepting me as a student. Another school did not accept me. My grades just were not "up to their standards". I am so thankful Geneva accepted me. I received an outstanding education as a Math major with a Bible/Philosophy minor.

More importantly, I became a Christian during my 二年级学生 year, hence the minor. What a privilege to be able to tell prospective students how much the education I gained at Geneva prepared me for a life of service and essentially give them a gift of a $4,000 grant through the Gold and White Program.

How rewarding it is when students accept the offer and enroll in Geneva College. I encourage other alumni to consider who you may be able to help by offering the Gold and White Program."

牧师. Bruce Backensto, '69
First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Beaver Falls, PA
黄金 and White scholarship helped to relieve some financial pressures. It’s been a great help to me, and I feel grateful and honored to have this scholarship. I enjoy the campus and people. I am glad I came here." 安德鲁的24
Incoming student referred by 牧师. Bruce Backensto, '69
through the Geneva Gold & White Program

Any prospective student introduced to Geneva by alumni will receive the following:

$4,000 Grant ($1,000 per year) to students introduced to Geneva during the student’s freshman, 二年级学生, 初级, or senior years of high school, and transfer students are also eligible.

黄金 & White 校友 Grant is awarded in addition to all other scholarships and grants given by the college, excluding the Legacy Grant*.

You can also send us an email at or call 800-847-8255 to make a referral or get more information regarding the Gold and White 校友 Grant.

* Legacy Grant is awarded to children and grandchildren of alumni.

Gold and White 校友 Referral Program


Thank you for your interest in 黄金 & White 校友 Grant Program.

Before providing the referral, please check with the student or Geneva 招生 to find out if the student already applied to ensure eligibility.

Please note that children and grandchildren of alumni automatically receive the Legacy Grant, which supersedes the Gold & White 校友 Grant Program.

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